How can Tumblr become an Organizational Tool?

Are you an organization who is new to the Tumblr community?

Or perhaps you are researching a variety of social media platforms and evaluating their value, popularity, relevance, costs and benefits in regards to the successful social media presence of your organization.

In my SlideShare presentation “What Can Tumblr Do for You?” (embedded below), I briefly discuss the following:

  • The value proposition of the platform
  • Demographic breakdown of the social media platform
  • Why an organization may want to use this particular platform
  • Optimal times to post content
  • The relevance of the platform
  • Analytic tools that can be used to measure performance on the platform
  • Does the platform facilitate B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business to Consumer), or both?
  • The brand Converse and how they used Tumblr to further their objectives
  • Costs including time and resources
  • Where to get help if you’re an organization who wants to get started on the platform

After viewing the presentation, leave a comment below the blog post or Tweet me at @katrinavalenton referencing the following question:

Are you more inclined as an organization to use Tumblr as one of your social media platforms? If not, why?

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