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To Do or Not to Do, that is the Question in Social Media Marketing

Developing a marketing program on social media platforms can be a daunting task. What steps should you take and what should you avoid in order to achieve the most success? Check out 3 things you SHOULD DO and SHOULD NOT DO when developing marketing programs on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: FACEBOOK DO: Include high quality photos and videos in your… Read more »

From Hardcore Marketer to Core Marketer: Why Understanding For-Profit, Nonprofit and Government Social Media Strategies Is A Good Move

The Question of the Day: Why do even hardcore marketers need to understand nonprofit and government social media strategies? To provide an answer, I feel like the question must be deconstructed in order to understand why it is a problematic inquiry to pursue: The term hard core as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “a small number of very active and enthusiastic… Read more »

Objective, Strategy and Tactics: The Children of Marketing

You are a babysitter. A family has asked you to take care of their children for a period of time. There are three children in the household. One is named Objective (also known as Goal), another is called Strategy, and the last child is named Tactics. When you walk through the back door (the front door is reserved for long-time… Read more »