The Terrific Trio: Stock Image Resources

Do you need images?

Whether you are an individual or organization in search of stock images for personal or commercial use, there are a wide variety of stock image resources available on the World Wide Web. This blog post highlights three especially intriguing websites with a database of great images:

  2. picjumbo
  3. Pixabay
Photo from

Photo from


GRATISOGRAPHY is an awesome stock image resource and personally, one of my favorites. The website offers stunning high resolution photographs in categories such as nature, people, animals and whimsical FOR FREE. All the photographs in GRATISOGRAPHY were taken by Ryan McGuire and are completely free of copyright restrictions.

What does that mean? Basically you can use any of his images for personal OR commercial projects as long as you abide by the following limitations:

  • You cannot use any of his images for pornographic, criminal, defamatory or degrading purposes.
  • You cannot redistribute his images on free stock photo websites or apps.
  • You cannot sell and/or redistribute his pictures as your own.

Essentially, GRATISOGRAPHY offers pictures under the Creative Commons Zero which means that Ryan McGuire has waived all his rights to his work worldwide under copyright law and you can copy, modify, distribute the work for commercial purposes all without asking permission.


Photo from


picjumbo is another great stock image resource that provides free photographs for commercial AND personal works. All photographs are by Viktor Hanacek who appreciates attribution/credit when you use his photos, but does not require it (as mentioned in FAQ and Terms).

Take note though regarding Photo Redistribution.

  • Photo redistribution is not allowed in picjumbo. (Companies cannot use picjumbo photos in their website-builder for their clients).

Otherwise, companies can use picjumbo for:

  • app designs
  • app UI kits
  • web UI kits
  • web designs
  • web templates
  • web themes
  • and more!
pixabay image

Photo from


The last of this terrific trio of stock image resources is Pixabay which has over 470,00 free photos, vectors and art illustrations!

It is a massive repository for public domain pictures and you may find and share images free of copyrights as all pictures are released under Creative Commons CC0 as public domain. What does that mean? Similar to the other resources above, you can copy, modify and distribute the work even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

Pixabay images can also be used on Facebook and other social platforms as outlined in the FAQ section on the Pixabay website.

If you haven’t checked out the terrific trio of GRATISOGRAPHY, picjumbo and Pixabay, start using these amazing stock image resources today! 

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