Social Intelligence Tools: Case Study – Tim Horton’s

Which social intelligence tools do you use?

Topsy, Iconosquare and Social Bakers are just three of a variety of social intelligence tools that organizations use to engage in social listening and analysis of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Using these three insight tools and by comparing Tim Horton’s to competitors such as Starbucks, Timothy’s and Country Style, I evaluated Tim Horton’s social media presence and compiled several recommendations for each of their social media platforms.


Tim Horton's Facebook Page

Tim Horton’s Facebook Page

Tim Horton's Facebook Stats (Canada)

Tim Horton’s Facebook Stats (Canada) –

Tim Horton's vs Starbucks vs Country Style

Tim Horton’s vs Starbucks vs Country Style (Fan Overview, Canada) –


  • Starbucks, over the past 3 months, has been showing stagnant or very limited growth of Facebook fans in Canada (similarly to Country Style), while Tim Horton’s had a slight increase in Facebook fans in Canada between September 17 and September 24, 2015. I recommend that Tim Horton’s should create more Facebook campaigns not only to drive engagement with their current fans on Facebook, but that focus on fan acquisition and visibility via Facebook ads and boosting highly engaging posts.


Tim Horton's Twitter Page

Tim Horton’s Twitter Page

Tim Horton's vs Timothy's vs Country Style

Tim Horton’s vs Timothy’s vs Country Style (Tweets) –


  • Tim Horton’s has been faring very well against competitors such as Timothy’s and Country Style over the past month (October 15th-November14th, 2015). Tim Horton’s top tweet within the past month was on October 28, 2015 and included content about Canada’s hockey superstar, Sidney Crosby (2,156 Tweets). I recommend that Tim Horton’s should continue to collaborate with iconic Canadians and celebrities to promote their brand and to continue to share content (such as YouTube videos) via Twitter. Engagement is higher when videos or multimedia content is attached to Tim Horton’s tweets.


Tim Horton's Instagram Page

Tim Horton’s Instagram Page

Tim Horton's on Iconosquare

Tim Horton’s –

Starbucks Canada on Iconosquare

Starbucks Canada –


  • After comparing Tim Horton’s and Starbucks Canada, engagement on Tim Horton’s Instagram page is good, however, their competition has slightly more engagement via “likes” and “comments” based on the last 10 posts. Tim Horton’s should post more images of their products from a “direct” point of view. In other words, Starbucks Canada prominently displays their products so that the logo and cups are clearly visible while Tim Horton’s has overlooking points of view and the logo isn’t always visible. Tim Horton’s Instagram page can improve its engagement by using images that highlight their products more visibly.


Tim Horton's YouTube Page

Tim Horton’s YouTube Page

Tim Horton's YouTube Stats Page

Tim Horton’s YouTube Stats Page –

Tim Horton's vs Starbucks

Tim Horton’s vs Starbucks (YouTube Subscribers) –


  • Tim Horton’s should continue posting great content in their YouTube channel. Tim Horton’s direct competition, Timothy’s and Country Style, do not appear to have any active accounts on this social media platform. Starbuck’s, another major competitor of Tim Horton’s, has a significantly larger amount of subscribers to their own YouTube page, however, Tim Horton’s has less competition overall against other North American coffee and doughnut companies on YouTube. Tim Horton’s should continue to focus their overall social media engagement in this platform to increase engagement.

Thank you for reading my case study on Tim Horton’s and social intelligence tools! Which one of the above social listening tools have you used before and would recommend to individuals and/or organizations? Leave a comment below or Tweet me at @KatrinaValenton!

Post written by Katrina Valenton on Saturday November 14th, 2015

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