One Stop Shop: Online and Mobile Photo Editors

Do you want to edit one of your photos but don’t have the software to do it? Luckily, the World Wide Web contains a variety of accessible and easy-to-find online and mobile photo editors that you can access via your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Three online image editing websites that I recently experimented with include: iPiccy, PIXLR and fotor. All… Read more »

Modifying your Website via Themes, Fonts, Text and more!

Have you ever thought about modifying your website? Whether you want to change the fonts in your blogs, the boldness of your site heading or the placement of your footer, websites can be altered to suit your needs and tastes. I took the time to experiment on my website by doing the following: Changing themes Modifying 3 CSS (Cascading… Read more »

How can Tumblr become an Organizational Tool?

Are you an organization who is new to the Tumblr community? Or perhaps you are researching a variety of social media platforms and evaluating their value, popularity, relevance, costs and benefits in regards to the successful social media presence of your organization. In my SlideShare presentation “What Can Tumblr Do for You?” (embedded below), I briefly discuss the following: The… Read more »

Filter Me Wonderful: Photo Editing Apps, Effects and Composition

Have you ever experimented with photo editing apps? Instagram, Snapseed and Photo Editor Pro are just some of the countless photo editing apps available for editing, altering or improving the look and feel of any of your photos. I recently had a lot of fun trying out some new apps and playing around with filters and effects. It was also… Read more »

Question of the Day: Image use in Canada

What do you recommend to a client who wants to use (A) a rights managed image on their website or for social media, or  (B) re-post or use something found on social media? To begin with, rights managed (RM) images are a type of usage license for a stock photo and are issued on a pay per use basis. The… Read more »