One Stop Shop: Online and Mobile Photo Editors

Do you want to edit one of your photos but don’t have the software to do it?

Luckily, the World Wide Web contains a variety of accessible and easy-to-find online and mobile photo editors that you can access via your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Three online image editing websites that I recently experimented with include: iPiccy, PIXLR and fotor. All are very user-friendly and offered a variety of options such as filters, effects and text options. I also found the Photo Editor Pro app a friendly mobile option that can be used without an internet connection once downloaded (which can be very handy if you need to alter an image on the fly!). Below are 4 photos that I edited along with the names of the photo editors and steps I took to reach my final images.


Nostalgia - Photo Editor iPiccy

“Nostalgia”. Edited with iPiccy. Photo by: Katrina Valenton

After uploading one of my photos to iPiccy, I began by looking at the photo effects that the website offered. Under “Vintage” I selected Polaroid Film (Fade: 0%) and under “Color” I selected Bloom (Strength: 55%, Fade 30%). Under the “Blender” heading I inserted a text box with the word “Nostalgia” in Essence Sans (Font) and Overlay (Blend Mode). I finished off my image by increasing the font size to 60.


Focus - Photo Editor PIXLR

“Focus”. Edited with PIXLR. Photo by: Katrina Valenton

The second photo editor I used was PIXLR which contained similar editing options as iPiccy. I began by changing the image to Old Photo (Adjustment) and changing the filter to Vignette (Size: 100). I then inserted the text “Focus” (Size 70) in Bodoni MT (Font). To insert a bit of color, I changed the color of the text to Teal.


Toronto - Photo Editor fotor

“Toronto”. Edited with fotor. Photo by: Katrina Valenton

Probably my favorite image editor (based on the final result), fotor was simple to understand and use when altering my skyline of Toronto. I started with some Basic Edits such as increasing the Brightness (40), the Temperature (-42), Tint (-50) and Fine Tune (Highlights 100). Another Effect I selected included B & W with the Plymouth filter (Intensity 100). Lastly, I insert a text box with the word “Toronto” in the Bebas Neue font (Size 99).

Photo Editor Pro

Serenity - Photo Editor: Photo Editor Pro

“Serenity”. Edited with Photo Editor Pro. Photo by: Katrina Valenton

A handy “on-the-go” app, Photo Editor Pro allowed me to carry out quick and easy edits on a smaller but still noticeable scale. I started with altering the image with Marie (Effect) and Illuminate (Enhance). I then inserted the Text “Serenity” in light blue (Font Color).

Which of the edited photos above do you think was the most successful? “Nostalgia”, “Focus”, “Toronto” or “Serenity”? Submit a comment below or Tweet me at @katrinavalenton and let me know!

Written by Katrina Valenton

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