INFOGRAPHIC: Target Markets and Social Media Strategies

What are the target markets and social media strategies of Nonprofit, Public and Private Sectors?

The infographic included at the bottom of this post visually depicts the substantive differences between the target audiences and the social web strategies that would be used in each of the three sectors of Nonprofit, Public and Private. The top of the infographic first establishes each of the target markets or, in other words, lists the main individuals and groups that each of these sectors are targeting their products and/or services towards.


NONPROFIT SECTOR – Focus is on the “Cause and Awareness”

General Community, Vulnerable Persons, Volunteers, Funders

PUBLIC SECTOR – Focus is on “Public Service”

Citizens, Elected Officials, Public Servants

PRIVATE SECTOR – Focus is on “Commercialism”

Consumers, Financial Stakeholders, Employers, Clients

As the primary objective the nonprofit sector is not to drive profits (like private organizations) but to promote and create awareness for a “cause”, they are dependent on all those who support the organization as well as the individuals and groups that they support. The nonprofit sector, for instance, targets funders to help financially support the organization while volunteers are sought after to help promote the “cause” and drive awareness. The general community and vulnerable persons which nonprofit organizations support, are also target markets as they are the direct recipients of their objectives and efforts.

The public sector, on the other hand, is focused on public service and providing information and services to the general public. The target market for this sector includes (but is not limited to) citizens, elected officials and public servants. The private sector is focused on driving profits and commercialism and therefore targets consumers, financial stakeholders, employers and clients in order to meet and/or exceed the bottom line.

The bottom half of the infographic then briefly describes how the social media strategies of each of the three sectors differ.



Network Weaving – connecting with supporters, volunteers and funders to promote the “cause” and drive awareness of the nonprofit

Empowerment – publicly acknowledging its workers, volunteers and supporters and the time and efforts they contribute to the nonprofit

Funding – social media strategies are aware of the continuous need for funding from multiple sources and structure their social media presence around campaigns for the nonprofit in order to drive financial support


Public Consensus – constantly listening through social media to understand the trends, thoughts, habits and opinions of the general public in order to provide more relevant and pertinent service

Transparency – social media strategies relay important information, policies and decisions to the target markets in order for knowledge to be more easily accessible

Campaigns – using social media to spread and to amplify important public events (ex. elections)


Brand Promotion – perpetuating the organization via social media channels

Crisis Management – social media strategies in place in order to quickly respond to and diffuse any crises before they affect the organization (financially or brand value)

Expansion and Growth – the private sector is constantly looking for feasible options in regards to growing profit margins and maintaining a strong, positive brand and uses social media strategies to listen and learn from supporters and the competition

COMMON GROUND: Advocacy, Loyalty and Communication

***View the full infographic on target markets and social media strategies below***


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Post written by Katrina Valenton – Friday November 6, 2015

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  1. Kathryn

    I really enjoyed how much you broke it down for each model. Not only was there the general understanding of the differences in the target markets and strategies, but it was illustrated into concrete examples! Awesome!

  2. Krish Mungur

    Your infographic is awesome Katrina! I like the bullseye next to the word ‘Target’. And the way you structured your blog post makes it so easy to understand. Great job!


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