Monthly Archives: September 2015

What’s Your Strategy? Developing Knowledge Through YouTube

How many times have you looked for a video that explains a topic that you have limited knowledge about? Have you ever searched for “Strategy” on YouTube? Market segmentation and scenario planning are just two of wide variety of strategy models that individuals and organizations can use when planning for the future. What exactly are these two models all about?… Read more »

Are your Social Media Images and Platforms Stylish or Trendy?

When was the last time you made a decision based on an image? On social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, there are thousands upon thousands of images being uploaded and shared on a daily basis. If you’re an organization trying to establish a social media presence, what kind of images do you need to post for your social… Read more »

From Hardcore Marketer to Core Marketer: Why Understanding For-Profit, Nonprofit and Government Social Media Strategies Is A Good Move

The Question of the Day: Why do even hardcore marketers need to understand nonprofit and government social media strategies? To provide an answer, I feel like the question must be deconstructed in order to understand why it is a problematic inquiry to pursue: The term hard core as defined by Merriam-Webster, is “a small number of very active and enthusiastic… Read more »

Objective, Strategy and Tactics: The Children of Marketing

You are a babysitter. A family has asked you to take care of their children for a period of time. There are three children in the household. One is named Objective (also known as Goal), another is called Strategy, and the last child is named Tactics. When you walk through the back door (the front door is reserved for long-time… Read more »