Hot Trend in Digital Media: Content Cultivation

Content Creation

Content is king, but content cultivation is a kingdom. As the calendar year winds down and 2016 quickly approaches, what should digital strategists and industry insiders expect to manifest in the upcoming years? I forecast that one trend in digital media that could have an impact on an organization’s digital strategy, specifically within the next 3 years, is content cultivation…. Read more »

Online Representation: Transparency and Respect


How does transparency and respectfulness factor into an organization’s social representation and reputation? Organizations in all sectors, whether non-profit, government or for-profit, should carefully plan, monitor and assess their social representation. Online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are several popular social tools that groups use in brand communication and representation.  However, how do you ensure that your organization’s… Read more »

Social Intelligence Tools: Case Study – Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton's on Iconosquare

Which social intelligence tools do you use? Topsy, Iconosquare and Social Bakers are just three of a variety of social intelligence tools that organizations use to engage in social listening and analysis of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Using these three insight tools and by comparing Tim Horton’s to competitors such as Starbucks, Timothy’s and Country Style,… Read more »

INFOGRAPHIC: Target Markets and Social Media Strategies


What are the target markets and social media strategies of Nonprofit, Public and Private Sectors? The infographic included at the bottom of this post visually depicts the substantive differences between the target audiences and the social web strategies that would be used in each of the three sectors of Nonprofit, Public and Private. The top of the infographic first establishes… Read more »

Without you, there’s no meme.

Not Impressed Meme

A meme, as it turns out, is more than just a funny image with some text. If you have spent even several minutes on any social media platform, you are likely to have encountered images of celebrities, pop culture objects and/or situations paired with context-appropriate words. This was what my general understanding of a meme was before watching the Susan… Read more »